Stock Market today and tomorrow

Stock Market today… is closed. Let’s look how it all ended and let’s see what Markov model predicts for some of the stocks. One of the winners is Tesla stock. It has its ups and downs and if you by any chance went in at the beginning of the week and sold it today, you have made a nice profit. Anyway, let’s look at the charts.

Apple – AAPL

Apple lost about 3% compared to last week. Does anyone know what is the reason?

One year Markov model says Apple should increase in value by the end of next week. Will it?

Markov half year is even more confident. There are about 75% chances Apple will grow for the next five days.

Google – GOOG

Google is stagnant. Basically, no change compared to last week. Let’s see some charts:

If Markov is the right answer than Google should be what you need to buy next week. It has a confident score of 75% chances for the stock to grow next week.

6 months Markov is even more confident.

Tesla – TSLA

Tesla is interesting. It has gained more than a percent compared to last week. Not bad, but the stock is very volatile and so you never know what to expect.

Markov one year confirms that.

So does Markov 6-months.

Amazon – AMZN

Amazon lost almost 3% as well. Something similar what happened with Apple.

Yet Markov is still optimistic about it.

S&P 500

We can say S&P is stagnant. It has lost almost 1% on the stock market today. compared to last week. Ray Dalio from Bridgewater says we are coming to end of a bullish cycle in coming years. We shall see.

As it looks, the end is not near. At least now for next week.

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Please note that analyses and predictions on this website do not guarantee future stock market values. Hopefully, these indicators can help but don’t come after me if they are wrong:).

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