Should you take Tesla profits out?

Before writing this article, I have checked what Forbes is saying about Tesla. People seem to be pretty pessimistic about it, but let’s consider nothing happens overnight and there are statistical and probability tools, which can help us navigate through data and make a rational decision. By the way, have you read predictions for last week? As you can see Markov Model was correct 60% of the time. I hope you did take some profits out of it.


Apple – AAPL


As correctly predicted, Apple gained this week. It has gained about 3% compared to last week. And it seems it will still gain.

Markov 6 month model supports the idea of Apple growing.


Google, Alphabet – GOOG


So, drop ya purse and grab ya hips, And act like ya tryin’ to get this money right quick. Google gained 2% compared to last week. But look at the graphs, it predicts changes. It seems Google stocks will have some correction next week, according to a probability

Markov 6 months confirm the thesis. This will be a very interesting thing to watch.


Tesla – TSLA


As mentioned before, there is a lot of words being said about Tesla. The information value is huge, people are rumoring stuff about Elon, however, a probability is still to be considered. Tesla lost about 1% compared to next week. Not bad if you consider all the bad news coverage and a fact it’s pretty volatile stock. Markov model was wrong Tesla last week. It predicted growth, however, 6 months Markov was indecisive. It said about 50/50. But it looks Tesla will grow next week if we Trust Markov.


Amazon – AMZN


Amazon made 0.5 % this week. Markov from last week was correct and predicts steady growth for next week.

Markov 6 months is even more confident. 72% chances that Amazon will grow.




And finally, S&P500. Markov was wrong about S&P 500. It has lost 0.005%:) Anyway, it predicts growth for next week.

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