What are the best stocks to buy right now?

Perhaps these would the major ones, like Apple, Tesla stock etc. I have created a Markov model analysis on some biggest companies in the world. Well, at least the most famous one. The overall market climate is doing pretty well, markets are bullish, but let’s see how the trading week will end on Friday the 14th of September 2018 according to this analysis.


Apple – AAPL


Apple stock ended this week with a decrease of 0.28 rate return. The most critical part of the day was the last one. Let’s look at the chart

Still, however, if look at Markov model, it’s nothing to be worried about. There are approx. 67% chances according to Markov, next week will end in green.

Even if we look Markov model on last 6 months, things are still doing fine.


Google, Alphabet – GOOG


Google as well ended with a decrease of 5% rate return. Let’s look at the chart:

Do we need to worry? Thinking about Markov, not really. There are 75% chances the market will go up next week.

Google Markov for six months is even more optimistic. There are 80% chances, things will end in green.


Tesla – TSLA


Tesla stock as well ended this week in the red. The decrease was 13%. Was it because of Elon? I guess not, this was a bad week for everyone. Here is a chart:

Looking at one year Markov, Tesla isn’t really too optimistic. Only 52% chances it will go up.

6 months Markov is better. Almost 65% chances next week will end in green. But be careful, Tesla stock has bigger volatility than Google or Apple. It’s riskier to invest in.


Amazon – AMZN


Amazon similar to others has fallen. It has fallen by 3%. Hope you are not among those who lost.

For long-term investors, Amazon stock seems to be O.K. 1 year Markov predicts 67% chances for a stock to go up.

6 months Markov says there are 50% chances Amazon stock will go down. This will be interesting to watch in the next weeks.




Yes, it was a bad week for everyone and here is a proof. S&P 500 lost 1%.

Still, Markov models are optimistic.

67% chances S&P 500 will go up next week.

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Charts are created with chartjs.org
Data: Yahoo Finance
Please note that analyses and predictions on this website do not guarantee future stock market values. Hopefully, these indicators can help but don’t come after me if they are wrong:).

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